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Group insurance solutions


Group insurance

Group insurance offers these individuals collective protection, usually at preferential rates to what they could obtain individually.


Group insurance benefits may include health, life, disability, dental and other health or wellness benefits.


This type of insurance is negotiated by the employer or organization, and premiums may be shared between employer and employees, or covered entirely by the employer.


Group insurance is an essential part of the social protection offered to workers and their families.

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The insurance broker

Group insurance brokers work closely with companies to understand their insurance needs. They analyze the workforce, demographic profiles, coverage needs, as well as budgetary and regulatory constraints, to recommend customized insurance plans that meet the specific needs of each client.

Secondly, the group insurance broker plays an essential role in negotiations with insurance companies. With their in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, brokers can secure advantageous terms for their clients.Once the group insurance plan is in place, the broker continues to support customers by monitoring and managing the plan. This includes managing claims, and assisting participants with any questions or problems relating to their coverage.

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Tailor-made Group Health Insurance Plan

Did you know that by using a little more than 1% of the payroll and redirecting the amount paid by your employees to the RAMQ to a group insurance plan, it is possible to offer a quality plan to your employees, and allow you to be more attractive to potential candidates?  In Quebec, employees who do not have access to a group insurance plan must subscribe to the RAMQ and pay a premium to it through their income tax return. 


Offering a group insurance plan eliminates this irritant, helps you retain your key employees, and attracts prime candidates who will often want to know about the coverage offered before they accept your offer!   


By clearly defining your needs, we prepare a free customized request for proposals from several of our suppliers, and we analyze each offer to determine which ones provide you with the best features and the most advantageous prices.   At Brissette Group, we believe that your benefits should reflect your company’s values. 

Travel insurance

This type of insurance is designed to provide protection, ensuring peace of mind when traveling.

One of the main advantages of travel insurance is its ability to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of unforeseen situations. Whether for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, delays, lost luggage or other incidents, group insurance policies are designed to meet the specific needs of travelers, whether they're traveling for business or pleasure.

For companies, investing in group travel insurance can also be an effective way of demonstrating their commitment to their employees' well-being, while reducing the financial risks associated with business travel.

By providing adequate protection, they can minimize potential disruption and ensure business continuity, even in the event of unforeseen incidents abroad.


Telemedicine represents a major advancement in healthcare, expanding access to healthcare by connecting patients and doctors remotely.

With the help of your broker, it is possible to include telemedicine in your group insurance plan in a simple and affordable way.

Telemedicine in your group insurance plan means :


  • coverage for remote consultations without having to pay additional fees or exceed their policy limits;

  • cost savings by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits or reducing hospital stays through more effective remote patient follow-up;

  • more effective management of chronic diseases by enabling regular patient follow-up and rapid intervention when needed;

  • improved access to care, especially for people living in underserved areas or with mobility problems;

  • a way of acting to prevent and maintain good physical and mental health and well-being among employees.

  • Travel insurance is an invaluable tool for guaranteeing the safety and comfort of travelers, while offering companies an effective, cost-effective solution for managing the risks associated with travel.

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Evaluation of your current plan

We believe that a well-structured, cost-effective group insurance plan is a real asset to your company.   The ideal is to establish a plan that generates maximum positive perceptions among your employees at a reasonable cost and as stable as possible.  How can we do this?  This is what we can show you in this 2nd opinion.   


We frequently meet clients who have a plan that has not been updated for several years, and who passively observe increases that become burdensome for the employer and its employees.   

To remedy this type of situation, Brissette Group offers a free “second opinion” to ensure that you are on top of new trends and to confirm externally that the pricing offered to you is fair.   

 We believe that a change of insurer should take place when the savings are worthwhile and/or the improvement in coverage is substantial.

We're here to help you navigate the process and find the best plan for your business.

Assessing company and employee needs: Before choosing a plan, it's essential to understand the specific needs of the company and its employees. This may include considerations such as company size, employee demographics, benefits already offered, etc.


Research available options: Once you've assessed your needs, research group insurance providers in Quebec. There are several insurance companies offering a range of products. Compare the different options in terms of coverage, cost, flexibility, etc.


Plan selection: Select the plan that best suits the needs of the company and its employees. Make sure you understand the details of the coverage, including medical, dental, vision, paramedical benefits, etc


Negotiate terms and rates: Once you've chosen a plan, negotiate terms and rates with the insurance provider. You can also discuss options for customizing the plan to meet your company's specific needs.

Employee communication: Inform employees about the group insurance plan. Provide them with details of coverage, terms and conditions, enrolment forms, etc. Answer any questions they may have, and make sure they fully understand the benefits offered.

Employee enrolment: Set up an enrolment process for employees to enrol in the group insurance plan. Be sure to collect all the necessary information and submit enrolment forms on time.

Regular evaluation: Finally, it's important to regularly evaluate the group insurance plan to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the company and its employees. You may need to make adjustments based on changes in the company or in the insurance market.

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